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Once you are scheduled for your first appointment, all new patients are required to complete our new patient form below, which will cover your dental needs, previous dental care, and medical history. This will ensure that we can provide the highest quality care. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

$800 including panoramic and bitewing xrays, CT scan, and comprehensive exam, all inclusive. We do not accept CT results from outside.

In order to best understand a patient, all new patients are required an initial exam appointment.

Dr. Son is not a typical dentist. He uses a holistic approach, performs a very comprehensive exam, looks for the root cause, uncovers any possible underlying issues, and goes above and beyond what general dentists do.

To ensure an accurate quote, every patient is required to have their initial exam. Fees will be disclosed after Dr. Son's diagnosis. 

He certainly is! He is one of 2 dentists in the United States certified by Swiss Biohealth in Switzerland, and the only one in California.

We’re only 10 minutes from Orange County(John Wayne) Airport and 40 min from LAX. And there are many hotel within 5-10 min from our office. Go to Our Clinic page for more information.

Biological dentistry is to be understood as an extension of conventional dentistry. It takes a holistic view of the patient and focuses on naturopathic aspects. In addition to oral health, Biological Dentistry also focuses on the patient’s general health and immune system. Interfering fields such as harmful fillers and metals are removed and replaced by biological substances.

Through the holistic approach, interference fields are often better identified and treated from their origin.

Chronic diseases such as allergies, headaches or back pain are often not associated with teeth, but can be their starting point. Biological dentistry with its holistic approach recognizes the sources of the interference fields and treats not only secondary diseases.

The Biodental Solutions Swiss Concept is an all-encompassing treatment concept, focused on the individual needs of the patient. Under the guidance of the best doctors and pioneers in biological dentistry, the concept aims at the lasting and holistic health of the patient.

The numerous, impressive experiences of our patients also speak for a treatment according to the Biodental Solutions Swiss Concept.

We are a mercury-free practice, and can help you remove mercury fillings, replacing them with safe, aesthetically pleasing biocompatible composite resin. We test all the materials we use to determine which will align well with your specific physiology. Every patient is different, so no two treatment plans should be the same. 


Download our patient forms and submit at your first point appointment.

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